We have exciting singing choir programs at our beautiful music studio in Lake Forest, California.

We offer singing and choir classes with performance opportunities for students of all abilities. Glee focuses on teaching music skills, leadership skills, and building students’ confidence inside and outside of class. All of the Glee Music Academy singing groups have the opportunity to perform in our two big annual shows in a professional performance and our older groups do even more.

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What is Best for You?

“I know what effective teachers you have because when my daughter comes out, she comes out smiling. That’s how you know. Her whole demeanor has changed.”

- RoseMarie Walker

“I love how you give every child or adult a chance to perform no matter what their level. The feeling of love, encouragement and support is wonderful.”

- Wendy Vassilaros

“We love Glee and the Lake family that runs it. This is a great place to help your kids build confidence on stage and in daily life. They are making new friends, and it is teaching them responsibility, kindness and teamwork. Got Glee? We do!”

- Penny Giakos

“The thing I like most about Glee is the positive atmosphere. I have older children, one of which was incredibly involved in dance, and the atmosphere was always so competitive between the kids – it is so nice to be involved in a program that actually teaches and promotes the kids to support one another. Huge thumbs up from our family!”

- Rhonda Rivera

“Emma and our family are grateful beyond words for all your hard work, the encouragement you’ve given her and the belief you’ve had in her. It has been an amazing experience.”

- Wen and Emma

“I think you guys have hit on something super special. I’m so happy to have my girls have this experience and mentors like you and your beautiful family.”

- Diane Rippe

“I like that the programs are inclusive of all students, no matter the skill or talent. All kids feel valued for what they bring.”

- Kris Houston