Thank you for your interest in music education at Glee Music Academy. We look forward to talking with you. We are usually pretty quick with a response Monday through Friday morning. We teach most of our classes in the afternoon but either way you should expect a response from our team within one business day.

Have a wonderfully musical day!

Karen Lake
Executive Director

Ready to continue the registration process?

1. Click here to add yourself as the parent into our registration software. If you are an adult student, we like that too. Just add your name first. The whole process should take you about 3-5 mintues to complete.

2. Once you are done with the info on you, add your student if you have one of those. 🙂

3. Then add billing information.

4. And last but not least we will email you the Glee Studio Policies. You can sign with your mouse or sign with your finger on your smart phone. Pretty slick, huh?

If you have any questions, just send us an email.