Starting Tuesday March 7, 2017

Tuesday 5:00-5:45pm
Special Needs Singing
Ages 9-15

Emily Arias has a credential and Master’s Degree in Special Education. She has worked for SVUSD for almost 9 years in an Autism-specific program. Mrs. Arias has performed in numerous choirs and has directed both children and youth.

Come enjoy music and movement as we explore fun choral songs. The class will focus on attending, participation, socialization, and having fun singing in a safe, structured and positive environment.

Love of Music

The Glee Club singing teachers are upbeat and fun. Encouraging teachers make your student’s musical journey exciting and educational.

Emily Arias


We are hoping the Special Ed singing class will perform in our next recital in June.

Tell me more...

“Mrs Arias was our 1st grade teacher and we would love to be a part of the choir. She is so good with the students. “

- Manda Lockwood

seal.guaranteeGlee Choir Guarantee 

Money Back Guarantee: Worried that your student might not like it? We are so sure that you will love our Glee choir program that we’ll give you your money back if your first day at Glee class isn’t everything you hoped for. So that means that you can register for a class without worries. If Glee isn’t everything you want it to be, just let us know in writing the same day as your first class.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this class perform in the big show on June 9th?

If we have the excitement that we anticipate we would like to have the Special Ed Choir sing in upcoming recital.  In order to participate in the show your student would need to participate through June 2017.  You would also need to buy a $20 GotGlee t-shirt to perform.

What is the goal of the program?

Our goal is to have a safe place to sing and experience music.  If we keep the students through June we would love to provide the opportunity for them to sing one of their songs in the show.

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