Reading Can Ease the Fight

Doctors agree that healthy sleep patterns promote learning and memory.  Convincing an unwilling child to go to sleep is another matter.  A well-known and easy strategy for creating a positive sleep routine is involving something in the routine that the child enjoys.  If getting ready for bed means, you, the parent, will stop what you are doing and give your child your undivided attention she is going to look forward to this time.

Order is important.  If you can have a night ritual, this helps your child prepare to get sleepy. Take a bath, have a drink, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and then find three picture books for reading could be a great pattern. The pattern itself isn’t important, as long as you are consistent.

When our children were young, reading time was the highlight of the night.  Not only did they crave the attention but, they all learned to love to read.