Glee Ukulele Lessons

Many beginning music students start their musical journey with a ukulele. First we teach you how to build strength in your hands through learning chords and melodies. We provide a ukulele lesson book to help you progress in your music lessons. We also like to add a song that you like that will motivate you to practice. Last but not least, our ukulele teachers want to help students develop good practicing habits/techniques. The more you practice good habits at home the faster you can learn and progress. Scroll down to find a great ukulele teacher and register for your first ukulele lesson for only $25.

Love of Music

Encouraging ukulele teachers make your child’s musical journey educational and enjoyable at Glee Music Academy.


Encouraging ukulele teachers help students learn how to be true performers and build confidence as a performer and musician.

Teacher Expertise

All of our ukulele teachers have collegiate musical training and love teaching children all aspects of performing in a safe and judgment-free environment.

“The twins love the ukulele teacher. He was patient, upbeat and encouraging.”


“Dylan could tell my teen was creative and wrote songs so her assignment this week was to write a song on her ukulele. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

- Staci

Glee Ukulele Guarantee 

Worried that your student might not click with the ukulele teacher? We are so sure that you will love our ukulele lessons that we’ll give you your money back if your first lesson isn’t everything you hoped for. So that means that you can register for a lesson without worries. If your first lesson isn’t everything you want it to be, just let us know in writing the same day as your first class.



Meet Our Ukulele Teacher

Dylan, Ukulele Teacher

    Fun Facts
  • Writes and records his own songs
  • Has written music for independent films
  • Studies music composition at Chapman University
  • Graduated from OCSA in the Classical Guitar conservatory
  • Collects vinyl records
  • Has been teaching music for about 5 years
    Affiliations & Certifications

Pricing Weekly 30-Min Private Lessons

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Must give notice the month BEFORE you want to discontinue before the 15th of the month.

1st and last payment as deposit and then remaining payments monthly. Must have voided check as back-up

If you promise to stay for the entire season through June, we give you a discounted price.

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Written by Dylan

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you teach?

We have a good mix of elementary, middle school, and high school students. And last but not least, we love to teach adults. Adults take ukulele lessons for very specific reasons and are usually great about finding a regular practice schedule.

What grade is ideal for starting?

Our favorite grade to start teaching ukulee is 2nd -4th grade. It is difficult for young students to know how to practice, but we have found that young students can be successful if they have an involved parent that sets a regular practice time. And if you are an adult, most of our adults ukulele students range from beginning to intermediate, so you’ll fit right in.

What about recitals?

We believe in performance practice. We always find it a little crazy that some teachers don’t have recitals. If we teach you to play the ukulele, but no one will ever hear you, then what is the point? We have 3-4 recitals a year and it is an important part of our ukulele program.

What is the difference between a guitar and ukulele?

The ukulele is a small Hawaiian instrument with 4 nylon strings rather than 5 strings on a guitar. It is a higher pitched instrument and is primarily used as an accompaniment instrument (meaning it primarily is used to play chords that accompany a melody, like a singer). This being said usually we will still teach students how to read music, play melodies, learn scales, and improvise on the ukulele.   

How much does a ukulele cost?

We have found that ukuleles are usually inexpensive. Buy one from us in the Glee store or buy one at an instrument store but make sure you don’t buy a toy.