Lifelong Love of Music

We emphasize all aspects of piano education, including music history, technique, ear training, and music theory (how to read music). Piano students will gain performance training in, composition, improvisation, and expression. Whether piano students want to learn how to play traditional written piano music or learn how to play the piano from a chord sheet, Glee Music Academy has the right teacher to meet your goals.

Our mission at Glee is to offer quality piano training while instilling in students a lifelong love for music. Playing the piano is a skill that many people wish they had. Students will love being able to play the piano and understand how to read music. Don’t miss out!

Love of Music

Encouraging teachers make your child’s musical journey educational and enjoyable at Glee Music Academy.


Commitment to Excellence, Certificate of Merit, and frequent recitals help foster student motivation so that you can focus on becoming your child’s biggest fan.


Our teachers have collegiate training and are active in music associations such as Music Teachers Association of California.

“The teacher is professional, relatable, talented and creative in her teaching style. She truly wants her students to excel by offering a well-rounded education. She involves parents with tips and incentive programs for practicing. Her knowledge provides an amazing learning opportunity for students. My daughter loves taking piano at Glee.”
- RoseMarie Walker

Neal is just great!  He is very patient with me and I appreciate his enthusiasm and love for music.

- Dee

“Thank you for hosting a great recital. My piano teacher never had recitals. As a kid, I thought this was great, but as an adult I realize how much I would have gained. We are so pleased Renee’s musical progress and confidence and can see that it is apparent in other aspects of her life. We are so blessed to have found you!!”
- Kathy Gentry

“When I was playing my piece at the recital, I heard someone say that I was doing a really good job. I felt like a star.”

- Sabrina, age 7

“I loved the recital because it was really fun and I got to watch other kids who are learning too. And I loved my song.”

- Ava, age 6

“Yunah loves piano lessons and Pre-Glee.  I think that it was the best choice ever.”

- Sarah Kim

“We are sad to be moving.  Karstin is a fantastic piano teacher and I am going to have my work cut out for me in finding a piano teacher that is anything like her – both in talent and personality.”

- Rhonda

8 hand piece

Maleia Robinson


Halloween Recital

Karstin Lake

Piano Teacher

Sibelius - Op 75, no 5. Le Sapin (The Spruce)

Neal Armstrong Piano Teacher

 Glee Piano Guarantee 

 Worried that your student might not click with the teacher?   We are so sure that you will love your first piano class, that we’ll give you your money back if your first lesson isn’t everything you hoped for. So that means that you can register with no worries. If your piano teacher isn’t everything you hoped for, just let us know in writing the same day as your first class.


Meet Our Piano Teachers

Neal Armstrong, Piano Teacher

    Fun Facts
  • Loves under-appreciated works and composers
  • Bachelor’s degree in music from UCLA
  • Certified yoga instructor
  • Currently preparing for a doctorate in physical therapy
  • Loves new foods, and will jump at the chance to enjoy some foie gras
  • Loves anime, manga, and Japanese culture

Pricing for 30- minute Private Lesson

One Lesson

Month to Month

Loyalty thru June




This is Popular with adult students and High School students with unpredictable schedules

Must give notice the month BEFORE you want to discontinue before the 15th of the month

If you promise to stay for the entire season through June 2018, we give you a discounted price

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Kärstin Lake, Piano Teacher, Artistic Director

    Fun Facts
  • Has taught piano for 10+ years. (even though she looks 16)
  • Earned a Bachelor’s studying piano at Brigham Young University
  • She usually has pink and blonde hair
  • She loves to sew and design her own creations
  • All of her students passed Certificate of Merit testing in 2017
  • Professional member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California
    Affiliations & Certifications

Pricing for a 30-minute Private Lesson

One Lesson

Month to Month

Loyalty thru June




This is popular with adult students and High School students with unpredictable schedules.

Must give notice the month BEFORE you want to discontinue before the 15th of the month.

If you promise to stay for the entire season through June 2018, we give you a discounted price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save over $200?

Join the Glee loyalty program for discounted pricing, Free recitals, 1 emergency make-up lesson and top priority time slots. Click here for more.

How do I encourage my student to practice?

The best thing you can do for your student is to include a regular practice time in their daily routine. Our Commitment To Excellence program encourages students to practice. At the end of each lesson, the student and the teacher make a practice goal to work towards for the week.

Do I need a piano to start lessons?

Yes. It is really important to have a piano so that students can develop proper technique, be able to develop a wide dynamic range (volume), and learn how to work with the piano to create beautiful music. While it certainly is wonderful to be able to practice on a grand piano, baby grand or upright pianos work as well. If you are worried about cost, there are companies in Orange County that rent pianos at a reasonable price. If you have a keyboard, it is acceptable for the first 2-3 months. After that, please be prepared to make the investment of buying or renting a piano.

How much should my student practice?

Students should practice 4-7 days a week. Length of practice is dependent on age and dedication, and will be decided in the lessons with the teacher. Our Commitment to Excellence Program rewards students based on their practicing habits.

What piano books do I use?

At Glee, we create a customized learning plan for each piano student. Books will be chosen based on the student’s age and goals regarding piano.

Are you an authorized Certificate of Merit teacher for testing students?

Yes! Sign-ups are in the fall, and testing is done usually near the end of February and beginning of March. If you are interested in Certificate of Merit, the best time to let the teacher know is in September.

Do you only teach classical music?

No! We teach many different styles. While much of our personal training has been in classical music, we also pull from other genres in our piano education, including pop (written music and by chords), hymns, songs from movies, popular tunes, and more!

What age do you recommend starting lessons?

For dedicated parents that are willing to be involved in practicing at home, a student can start from any age between 4 – 6 years old. If you are hoping that your child will practice on their own, 7 years old is a good age to begin. Older children and adults are always welcome to start lessons as well.

What is the parent’s role for piano lessons?

The very best students have parents who are actively involved in their children’s music education. For the younger students between ages 4 – 6 years old, it is really important to have an adult that is willing to stay during lessons to understand what is being assigned so practice at home can be the most effective. For kids ages 7-10, it is important to have a parent at home that helps the student establish a habit of practicing. Depending on the student, parent involvement in the lesson and at home practice can be extremely beneficial. For ages 11+ years old, parent involvement is dependent on the student. For all ages, it is beneficial to have a person or parent that is helping the student keep a consistent habit of practicing.

Do you teach adults?

Yes! Adults are welcome. If you are interested in piano lessons for yourself, keep in mind that piano lessons are not a once-a-week commitment. The most important part of piano lessons is the practice you do at home. If you are considering lessons, make sure that you are ready to invest the time it takes to learn piano. Consistent practice yields the fastest results.