Our Guitar Philosophy

Whether you are a beginning or intermediate player, our studio is where you will want to hone your skills. We start with how to read music, strum chords, use a pick and pluck strings. Intermediate and advanced students refine their skills and build confidence so they are ready to perform.

At Glee we have 3 to 4 recitals a year to make sure every student has an opportunity to share their new skills as well as to motivate them to keep practicing.

Love of Music

Encouraging teachers make your child’s musical journey educational and enjoyable at Glee Music Academy.


Encouraging teachers and additional time help students learn how to be true performers and build confidence as a performer and musician.

Teacher Expertise

All of our teachers have collegiate musical training and love teaching children all aspects of performing in a safe and judgment-free environment.

“Taylor is so patient and encouraging.  We couldn’t ask for anyone better for our daughter.”

- Angela Merchant

“Kia is a great teacher and we are glad that Madison can learn from him!!”

- Mimi Wu

“Cash absolutely loved his first guitar lesson. I appreciate the fact that Kia doesn’t baby him.”

- Courtney Sargent

“Taylor is a gem. He is just what Cole needed to motivate him to study music.”

- Denise Bon

“Bryan was so bummed that soccer was going to conflict with guitar. I’m so glad we could change the time so he could do both.”

- Kristen

“Riley loves her lessons and really enjoys Taylor!”

- Riven

Glee Guitar Guarantee 

Money Back Guarantee: Worried that your student might not click with the teacher? We are so sure that you will love our guitar lessons that we’ll give you your money back if your first lesson isn’t everything you hoped for. So that means that you can register for a class without worries. If Glee isn’t everything you want it to be, just let us know in writing the same day as your first class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you teach?

We have a good mix of elementary, middle school, and high school students. And last but not least, we love to teach adults. Adults take guitar lessons for very specific reasons and are usually great about finding a regular practice schedule.

What grade is ideal for starting?

Our favorite grade to start teaching guitar is 4th grade. It is difficult for young students to know how to practice, but we have found that 8-year olds can be successful if they have an involved parent that sets a regular practice time. And if you are an adult, most of our adults guitar students range from beginning to intermediate, so you’ll fit right in.

What about recitals?

We believe in performance practice. We always find it a little crazy that some teachers don’t have recitals. If we teach you to play the guitar, but no one will ever hear you, then what is the point? We have 3-4 recitals a year and it is an important part of our guitar program.

How much does a guitar cost?

We have found some beautiful beginning guitars that you can buy for less than $150. Just email us (link to contact page) and we’ll give you the details.

Meet Our Guitar Teachers

Taylor Darrow, Guitar Teacher

    Fun Facts
  • Taylor has been studying classical guitar performance at Chapman University and is proud to announce he just graduated in December 2016.
  • He plans to continue studies in conducting and pedagogy.
  • He plays with Chapman University Guitar Ensemble and has participated in the University Choir.
  • Taylor studied with Jeff Cogan—the Director of Guitar Studies and Music Technology and Eric Henderson—protégé of the great Andres Segovia.
  • He loves to jam on his electric guitar with his church.
  • At Glee, Taylor is known for his kind and patient interactions with students.
  • $35 for one lesson, $30 per lesson month to month, $25 per lesson with loyalty program


One Lesson

Month to Month

Loyalty thru June





Senior Recital 2016

Kia Kani, Guitar Teacher

    Fun Facts
  • Kia studied with Ignacio Rodes, one of the best guitarists in the world at the Oscar Espla Conservatory in Alicante, Spain.
  • He completed his Master’s in Interpretation and Research in classical guitar.
  • He loves trying different kinds of food.
  • He was born in Iran and immigrated to Spain, a country with rich classical guitar tradition.
  • He loves watching tennis and movies
  • He has won several national competitions in classical guitar.
  • $35 for one lesson, $30 per lesson month to month, $25 per lesson with loyalty program


One Lesson

Month to Month

Loyalty thru June