Our Teaching Method

Everybody feels a beat differently and we want to help guide you in the direction of developing your own sound. We will share with you a variety of different drumming styles and teach you how different drummers use varying techniques and rhythms. We emphasize all aspects of drum education, including music history, technique, ear training, and music theory (how to read music). Students will gain performance training in composition, improvisation, and expression.

Whether you’re a beginning drummer or you’re ready to get serious about your playing, Glee Music Academy has the right drum teacher to meet your goals. So get drumming and sign up for your first class today!

Love of Music

Encouraging teachers make your child’s musical journey educational and enjoyable at Glee Music Academy.


The Glee Star Practice Program and frequent recitals help foster student motivation so that you can focus on becoming your child’s biggest fan.


Our teachers have years of teaching experience and are actively playing gigs in the community.

“We are very much enjoying Jon as Joshua’s drum teacher. He is a very gifted gentleman and he’s very patient with Joshua. We do appreciate him!!! Joshua connects well with him and that doesn’t always happen. Thank you so much for all you do!!!”



Carson is not only an accomplished drummer, but also an excellent ability to communicate with the student. My skills, understanding, and confidence have grown immensely. I leave every lesson with the confidence that I am advancing as a drummer.

- Gordon Grant

He has been an absolute pleasure to work with the last five years. His ability and creativity given his age are unparalleled. In 20 years of teaching, I have never met anyone as versatile and as well rounded as he has become. As an educator, I see the progress he’s made with his private students. He truly is a world class inspiration and mentor.

- Hugo Ramirez

“We love Glee and the Lake family!

- -Amy Yeager

I wouldn’t recommend you guys if Alicia didn’t love it so much! You guys are awesome!

- Monica

“Thank you! You guys are awesome, thank you for making it easy.”

- -- Pavinee

Glee Drum Guarantee 

Worried that your student might not click with the teacher? We are so sure that you will love your first drum class that we’ll give you your money back if your first lesson isn’t everything you hoped for. So that means that you can register for your lesson without worries. If Glee isn’t everything you want it to be, just let us know in writing the same day as your first class



Meet Our Teacher

Jon Lundgren, Drum Teacher

    Fun Facts
  • Degree in Music Education: Cal State Fullerton
  • Studied with Roy Burns and Pancho Sanchez
  • Taught Band and Orchestra for 18 years at Fountain Valley School District.
  • Taught music at Carden Hall in Newport Beach for 7 years.
  • Every summer Jon works backstage at the Orange County Fair.
  • Played for Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Worked with Dale Norris from the Champs
  • Climbed Mt. Whitney
    Affiliations & Certifications

Pricing Weekly 30-Min Private Lessons

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Month to Month

Loyalty thru June




Must give notice the month BEFORE you want to discontinue before the 15th of the month.

1st and last payment as deposit and then remaining payments monthly. Must have voided check as back-up

If you promise to stay for the entire season through June 2018, we give you a discounted price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to start drum lessons?

Our favorite grade to start teaching drum is 3rd grade. It is difficult for young students to know how to practice, but we have found that 7-year olds can be successful if they have an involved parent that sets a regular practice time. And if you are an adult, most of our adult students range from beginning to intermediate, so you’ll fit right in.

Do I need a drum kit to practice with at home?

No pad can replicate the feeling of a real drum. If you want the most accurate feeling of a drum set, the you have to practice on one! If that is not an option, then get a digital drum kit, but you should try to get on a real kit as often as possible.

Where do I buy my drums?

We recommend going into a drum shop or a Guitar Center because you can test it out. If that is not an option, then buy online at Musician’s Friend, but do some research first! Don’t spend more money than you need. And as always, be sure to talk to one of our teachers.

What about recitals?

We believe in performance practice. We always find it a little crazy that some teachers don’t have recitals. If we teach you to play the drums, but no one will ever hear you, then what is the point? We have 3-4 recitals a year and it is an important part of our drum program.

What is the most important thing for a drum student to learn?

Technique! That may be a boring answer, but with the proper
technique you can greatly expand your abilities.

What do I do before my first lesson?

1: Get a pair of drumsticks, I would recommend VicFirth 5A’s because they are an all around great stick.

2: You should also get a drum pad, a single surface that you can practice on and bring with you wherever you go.

3: Watch some drummers on YouTube. Look up your favorite bands and watch the drummer, study how he plays and what he plays.