Station 1: Piano Lesson Technique and Artistry

This will be one-on-one time with Kjarstin at the grand piano, similar to traditional lessons. Because of this new program, we will be able to focus on MAKING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC that moves people. In other words, students will learn how to play more than just the notes on the page; they will learn how to be a musician.

Karstin Lake

Piano Teacher

Station 2: Piano Lesson Training and Sight Reading

We are using a new computer music program that breaks down performance pieces into small sections, has students practice at slow, medium, and fast speeds, and gives them immediate feedback on correct notes and rhythms.  The award based program provides virtual goals and reward trophies.

Piano Training and Sight Reading

Students will also work on sight reading and take a sight reading evaluation once a week. The key to being a good sight reader is reading a lot of music, and so weekly music reading during each lesson will help facilitate better sight reading.

Piano Sight Reading

We’ll have the keyboards and the software program at our Glee piano lab. It’s not required, but we find that students really excel when they have the software at home too! (Your software login will work at Glee or at your home) We can guide you how to set up a digital keyboard, midi chord with your computer or iPad.

Station 3: Piano Music Theory with a Piano Coach

Your Piano Coach will explain the theory topics you are studying in your theory books that have been assigned by your teacher. The goal will be to finish most of your theory here at Glee rather than worry about it home.

Monthly Piano Performance Class

The Piano Premiere students will meet once a month with other students to perform their pieces in a small setting with other students. This hour long class will take the place of their weekly lessons and helps prepare students for our regular recitals throughout the year.  

Meet Our Piano Premiere Teacher

Kärstin Lake, Piano Teacher, Artistic Director

    Fun Facts
  • Has taught piano for 10+ years. (even though she looks 16)
  • Earned a Bachelor’s studying piano at Brigham Young University
  • She usually has pink and blonde hair
  • She loves to sew and design her own creations
  • All of her students passed Certificate of Merit testing in 2017
  • Professional member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California
    Affiliations & Certifications

Pricing Weekly 60-Min Lessons

First Month Special

Month to Month

Loyalty thru June




Just be sure to tell us by the 15th of the month if you want to make a change.

Must give notice the month BEFORE you want to discontinue before the 15th of the month.

If you promise to stay for the entire season through June, we give you a discounted price.


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“The teacher is professional, relatable, talented and creative in her teaching style. She truly wants her students to excel by offering a well-rounded education. She involves parents with tips and incentive programs for practicing. Her knowledge provides an amazing learning opportunity for students. My daughter loves taking piano at Glee.”
- RoseMarie Walker

Neal is just great!  He is very patient with me and I appreciate his enthusiasm and love for music.

- Dee