Love of Reading Leads to Learning (part 1)

Much of our education system is based on extensive reading so if we can build reading inspiration in our children, everything is easier scholastically. In college I took an entire class teaching strategies to encourage non-readers to start reading voluntarily. There are three simple steps I took away from that class.

1. Find out what interests the child. If they only want to talk to dragons, read books about dragons. If they love cars, read non-fiction books on cars. If they dream of castles and princess life, read fairytales.

2. Read aloud to them daily starting when they are born. I remember reading from our large collection of picture books through the crib slats so my daughter wouldn’t destroy the book when she was a overactive toddler.

3. Have your children see you read. If you read while eating, read while waiting for carpool or read before you go to bed they will learn that reading is what people do. If they see you slouch in the front of the TV or you always in front of your phone, they will think that is what people do. Never underestimate the power of example. If you want your child to do something, make sure are the best example of this behavior. Walk to walk, talk the talk.