Dance Class

Tuesday 6:45-7:30pm
Glee Studio
Grades 2-9

Our beginner level hip hop class is a total blast and perfect for students, ages 8-14, who want to get out their energy in a fun way! We will work on basic moves to serve as building blocks to the students’ dance education, including learning how to use eight counts, finding the downbeat in a variety of styles of music, going across the floor, and increasing strength and flexibility.

We also work to further develop memorization skills by learning 30 seconds to 3 minute long routines to perform in recitals and events with other Glee performers. Don’t miss out on this exciting and upbeat class. Sign up today!


Wholesome Friends

Hip Hop is filled with friends that want to perform in a family friendly environment.

Heather Rivera

Heather Rivera is a dance major at Cal State Fullerton so she knows the latest Hip Hop moves. Start early to learn those moves with your fellow dancers.

Performance Opportunity

Not only will you learn the latest moves but if you purchase the costume you can join us for our next big show.

What are parents saying?

“My daughter LOVES Hip Hop! She looks forward to going to class and learning new dance moves to current, age-appropriate music each week. The teacher is patient and makes learning dance fun.”

- Rhonda

“Hip-Hop has allowed my daughters, Julia 9 and Ashlynn 8 to experience dance in a fun-loving environment. The teacher is great with the kids and since we’ve enrolled, my girls spend their free time practicing their new moves.”

- Cheri Shelton

“Hip Hop has given Jana the opportunity  to exercise in a very fun way.  I am so delighted she has such a passion for dancing. Jana thinks Glee Hip hop is pure joy.”

- Denise Owens

“With each class Chloe improves more and more.  We love the music and the choreography is fun, challenging, and appropriate for the kids.”

- Dawn Curry

“Miss Heather is great with the kids and makes it so much fun for them. Rachel loves being part of the creative process as well, and enjoys the opportunity to share her ideas about the dances they’re working on.”

- Amy Yeager

“My daughter says “The class is super fun and great exercise too”. This class is great value, I have paid double the price for another Hip Hop class at another studio!”

- Vickie Sweetland

“You are an awesome Hip-Hop teacher.  Thank you for being amazing.”

- -Annika

“You are a great dance teacher. I really like the dance class.”

- -Amanda

“You are so good at coming up with good choreography.”

- -Bree

Watch Us Hip Hop

Can't Stop That Feeling

Enjoy Hip Hop in our Big Show


Enjoy Countdown by our Hip Hop Class at Glee Music Academy. Heather, our Hip Hop teacher, is an amazing dancer and such a terrific teacher. Join soon and you can be in our next show. We'll even let you try a trial class once you create your account with us.


Enjoy Hip Hop featured with Glee Club. We did this as a flashmob earlier this year.

seal.guaranteeGlee Guarantee 

Worried that your student might not like it? We are so sure that you will love our Glee performance classes that we’ll give you your money back if your first day at Glee class isn’t everything you hoped for. So that means that you can register for a class without worries. If Glee isn’t everything you want it to be, just let us know in writing the same day as your first class.


Hip Hop Pricing

New Glee Students

Existing Glee Students

(private lessons or choir)



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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special shoes I need?

Tennis shoes or high tops are great for class, but you will need to buy our designated boots and costume to perform in one our two big shows.

What kind of clothes should I wear to class?

Loose clothes that are easy to move are the best.  Try to wear clothes that will allow you to touch your toes and still remain covered.

Should I worry about the music they use in class?

No, not at all.  We, like Heather, don’t want to spread negative messages to our students.  We try to make sure there is nothing vulgar or inappropriate in the songs we use.  With Hip Hop music that is not an easy task.  We try our best to keep Glee a happy wholesome environment for families and students.

Hip Hop Pricing

New Glee Students

Existing Glee Students

(private lessons or choir)



Ready to Get Started?

Have More Questions or Need Help?