If you are interesting in advertising our program, shoot us an email. We would love to have you become part of the Glee supporter family.


Do use Amazon? If so, you can help support Glee For All, Inc!

Glee For All, Inc is the non-profit organization that helps finance our two big shows! It takes hardly any time to set up and no ongoing effort on your part!

To start just visit smile.amazon.com and find Glee For All, Inc in the listed charities. It’s there we promise!

Next, bookmark Amazon as www.smile.amazon.com in your browser, or type that web address everytime you want to buy something from Amazon. All purchases made from qualifying vendors through this site will have a portion of the sale donated directly to Glee For All, Inc.

Shop as normal!   It’s that easy!  Just remember to start

Thank you again for supporting performing arts in Orange County.