What do I get?
When you choose the loyalty discount program you save $20/month or up to $200 a season.

What is the agreement?
By signing up for the Loyalty Discount program offered through Glee Music Academy (“Glee”), you are agreeing to the following:

  • Paying for the program through the end of June 2018.
  • Providing us with a cancelled check as backup for the credit card you have on file. The check will only be used if you break the contract.
  • ACH clients must provide a credit card as a backup.
  • No cancelled check is needed if you pay for the program season through June in full.
  • Signing the Glee General Waiver Form
  • Once we receive the general waiver (above), the loyalty waiver form (click here), and the voided check we give you the discount.

Performing Groups
Glee Club, Hip Hop and Pre-Glee cannot attend class without a waiver and without the voided check they cannot receive the discounted pricing.

What If I Don’t?
If you don’t provide us with the waiver and the voided check you will not receive the discount. Once the check and waiver are received, the discount pricing will be in effect for all subsequent months.