We love working with charter schools and homeschoolers, but we work with our parents in a special way. As you may know some charter schools pay for future months, but most pay after the classes have been completed.  We honor all charter school payments, but you will be charged on your personal credit card until we receive payment. There is always a delay. Each school is different in how long that delay is. Double-check that Glee Music Academy is an approved vendor.

Parent promises to:

  • Decide the lessons you want.
  • Book your first lesson for $25 with your personal credit card at Glee Music Academy online.  Once we receive payment from your charter school, we are happy to refund the tuition based on the check received from the Charter School.  We can’t book a teacher without payment information. If you don’t show, Glee still has to pay the teacher. What that means for you is that you pay for the lessons first and you won’t see the charter funds until the charter school pays your invoice and Glee receives the payment.
  • Sign the Glee 2018-2019 policies online on your phone or on your computer that you receive when you register for your first lesson.  If you have trouble finding the email the 2018-2019 waiver is on our website under links. It is usually near the bottom.  Remember to read what you are signing so you understand our policies.
  • Sign the charter school payment agreement online with Glee Music Academy
  • Tell your Charter School Liaison that you want to take lessons. Make sure they create a PO.
  • You tell us that the PO is ready to approve once you have requested the lessons or once the month’s lessons are complete.  Most schools require the month to be done before we can approve.
  • Monitor the PO’s online to see if they are being approved. Email us if there is a problem.

Glee promises to:

  • Approve the PO once we are notified by you or your charter school.  Most schools send us an email.
  • Once we receive the check, we email you asking if you would like to be reimbursed or to put that money toward your next month.

How do I know when I’m getting paid?

If you are with a charter school, you can always login into your charter school’s website to see how your funds are coming.  For most schools here is the process.

1. The parent creates a PO

2. The parent and  charter school notify Glee that a new PO was created.

3. Glee then can login and sign any outstanding POs.

4. We wait for the charter school to pay.  Most schools don’t pay until the month lessons are complete.  So if you do a PO for September, it won’t even start to be processed until after September is over.  Then it takes 30-45 days to pay.

5. Wondering if it is signed or in the process?  Login to your charter school to see your POs or ask your Educational Facilitator.