But How Much Sleep Do They Need?

Toddlers should get 11-14 hour of sleep.  Naps count as part of this calculation. 3-5 year olds should get 11-13 hours of sleep. Naps count as part of this calculation. 6-13 year olds should get 9-11 hours of sleep.  This is not common.  Bedtime should be quite early with an early school schedule. Teens should… Continue Reading >

Reading Can Ease the Fight

Doctors agree that healthy sleep patterns promote learning and memory.  Convincing an unwilling child to go to sleep is another matter.  A well-known and easy strategy for creating a positive sleep routine is involving something in the routine that the child enjoys.  If getting ready for bed means, you, the parent, will stop what you… Continue Reading >

Get on a Sleep Schedule

As my daughter Penelope, the super babysitter, will tell you, you can easily tell which children have steady sleep schedules. They go to sleep faster and go to sleep without a fuss. Sleep specialists agree that the first step to helping sleep problems or distraction issues is a good night sleep. The best way to… Continue Reading >

Love of Reading Leads to Learning (part 1)

Much of our education system is based on extensive reading so if we can build reading inspiration in our children, everything is easier scholastically. In college I took an entire class teaching strategies to encourage non-readers to start reading voluntarily. There are three simple steps I took away from that class. 1. Find out what… Continue Reading >