The number one question we get at Glee is

“What piano keyboard should I buy?”
Basically you need a keyboard that has weighted keys.  This is sometimes described as hammer action.   You can choose any of the Amazon piano keyboards.

Should I buy the piano keyboard at Costco?
We have found that Costco you pay a lot for the furniture look of the piano but they keyboard is not that good.  When we first started five years ago we had a Costco keyboard donated to Glee.  When a year later, we didn’t have room for it anymore we couldn’t give it away.  Don’t buy it at Costco.

How can I tell the difference between good and bad piano keyboards?
It can be confusing. So we have hand picked some keyboards that have the weighted keys or hammer action.

My favorite
You really want a real piano for piano lessons but if you are just starting out or your instrument is something other than the piano a keyboard is the perfect solution.  For my home teaching studio I have a black baby grand and for theory and composing I have my students use the beautiful Casio white keyboard.  It sounds great and looks beautiful in my living room.  It looks like a piece of furniture. I love it!

If you can’t see all the choices below just click near the blue dots to scroll through the pictures.