Glee Tour Team
Video Audition

Print all directions

How do I audition for Glee Tour Team?
Complete the four-part audition process listed below. (Performing, sing back, moving and speaking) Be sure to read tips about how to increase your chances for success.

What are you looking for?
1. Vocals: someone who can match pitch, sing with enthusiasm and musical phrasing (i.e. dynamics)
2. Musicianship: Someone with a good sense of rhythm and beat.
3. Expression: what are you singing about? Let us know! Like a choir teacher oncetold me: if you’re happy and you know it, tell your face. 🙂 We want to see that. YOU know what your song is about. Tell us a story.
4. Passion: we want to know that our Glee Tour members are teachable, excited about music and ready to share it.
5. The team requires a commitment through June 2017. We need a team that wants to perform and is ready to go places. Tuition is $99/month.
6. Parents of team members will need to volunteer throughout the year.
7. You attend two classes a week and one Saturday a month.

Part I: Perform a song of your choice

Choose one of the following songs to sing for us. Stand and sing your song for the video.

1. “You’ve Got A Friend in Me” from Toy Story
You’ll start singing at the second verse. So, fast forward your track to 0:35. If you want to sing the first verse words starting at the same place you can do that too.

2. You’ll hear a brief intro before you start singing “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty. You’ll sing the whole song

3. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” from The Lion King
You’ll sing just the first verse and chorus

Links for Part I

Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Use this link for words or just Google the lyrics.

Once Upon a Dream
Use this link for words or just Google the lyrics.

You’ve Got a Friend
Use this link for words or just Google the lyrics

Part II – Sing Back

1. For this portion of the audition you’ll need two devices: one you can record the video on and another one playing the audio instructions we’ve given you. You’ll play the audio WHILE you’re recording.

2. DO NOT listen to this track prior to recording. You should hear this track (included at the bottom) for the first time when you record your audition. DO NOT PRESS PLAY UNTIL YOU START RECORDING. Once you’ve started recording, just follow the directions.

I’m going to play a few notes in a row and then you’ll sing them
back by yourself on “la” or a syllable of your choice.

I’ll sing each group of notes twice through, and then I’ll give you 6-10 seconds to sing it back.

DO NOT press STOP, PAUSE or RE-RECORD any of these. It’s alright if you make a few mistakes. We just want you to try
your best. 🙂

Sing back track:

Remember, you won’t use this track until the day you record your
audition. Listening to and practicing with this track before you record your audition is NOT allowed. You’ll do this portion of your audition in ONE take. No repeats.

Part III – Dance Time

For this portion of the audition record yourself dancing to the chorus of “I Feel Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor.

Be sure to look at the camera when you’re dancing and not the iPad or computer. [Symbol]

Part IV – Tell Us

1. Why do you think you’d be a good candidate for Glee Tour Team?

Tell us in 10 SECONDS or less why you want to join Glee Tour Team.

Can I record it on my phone?
Yes, that is probably easiest but not required. Any video recording device is fine.

Do I perform with or without music?
You perform only with the minus. The demo is for you to practice and learn the right notes. Do not sing without the minus during filming. This is the most important part of the audition. Can you sing the right notes without the singer in time with the piano? That is what we want to see.

Can I record 4 separate sections?
Yes we prefer this…. (1-singing, 2-sing back, 3-dancing, 4 – why he/she wants to be on the tour team.) This will keep the file size a little easier to manage.

How do I send them to you?
Yes, send them through a free WeTransfer app on your phone or a Dropbox link. This will keep all the files within your student’s name folder.

When will I find out if I made it?
We will evaluate your video audition within one to two weeks after we receive it. You should hear back from us within that time frame. Feel free to email us to confirm we got your file.

How to send through your computer
1. Visit on your computer. You don’t need plus.
2. Add your 4 audition video files.
3. Send to AND
4. Include the following in your message. Here are Suzy Clark’s (your student’s name) 4 files for the audition.
5. Press send.

How to send through your phone.
1. Download the Free WeTransfer app on your phone in your app store.
2. Open the WeTransfer app.
3. Send to AND
4. Include the following in your message. Here are Suzy Clark’s (your student’s name) 4 files for the audition.
5. Press send.